Service Fee Details

Contenda  - The Ultimate Sporthorse Sire

3 Service fee options to choose from

Gold Service Fee Package*

  • Includes up to 6 doses of frozen semen made available to acheive a pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Guarantee - no pregnancy  - no service fee
  • Live YEARLING Guarantee 
  • Maximum 1 foal can be produced with this option

Gold Service Fee Package - $2000

Silver Service Fee Package*

  • Purchase 3 doses of frozen Contenda semen in one transaction 
  • Up to a maximum of 3 foals can be produced  with this option
  • Live Foal Guarantee

Silver Service Fee Package - $2495

Bronze Service Fee Package*

  • Purchase 1 or 2 doses of frozen Contenda semen in one transaction
  • A maximum of one foal per dose of semen purchased may be produced

Bronze Service Fee Package - $895 per dose

* Please refer to the Breeding Contracts for full terms and conditions

Email us at to request a breeding contract be sent to you or to order semen.